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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 5, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: jim and dorines, thanks, good evfrengt white house. robert gibbs denied that u.s. commanding general afghanistan, stan mcchrystal is making it tougher now on president obama. but down at the pentagon, the word today to the general from the higher-ups is to cut it out. >> reporter: president obama this week is making what some see as one of the biggest decisions of his presidency. whether to send 40,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan. his defense secretary today sent a message to the u.s. commander in afghanistan, general stan mcchrystal, to pipe down. >> provide our best advice to the president candidly but privately. >> reporter: mcchrystal's been going public in an unusual campaign for a general, to get a lot more troops. >> the situation is serious. >> reporter: this was thursday in london. >> a strategy that does not leave afghanistan in a stabile position is probably a short sighted strategy. >> reporter: just hours later, mcchrystal was called aboard air
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force one in copenhagen for a one on one with the commander in chief. how does barack obama take the general s public pressure? >> part of that is what the president considers to be the process which is moving forward. >> reporter: so does it contribute to the process in a positive way then. >> i don't continuing detract from it. >> reporter: and the president's already accepted mcchrystal's advice on a big change, moving u.s. forces into afghanistan into urban areas to be seen as protectors. this weekend's firefight that caused eight american lives was far from any town in the mountains of eastern afghanistan. the fallen americans fighting the kind of go to the enemy afghan war that's already bei abandoned. whether president obama sends 40,000 more troops or not, a force increase is not inevitable, say top aides here. the obama goal is to smash al qaeda. not to stabilize afghanistan. that's different. and aides say might not be possible. i'm steve handelsman, news4 at the white house.
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jim, back to you. hundreds of people gather in front of the white house today. they were there to protest a troop increase in afghanistan. they were also objecting to the idea of putting more money into military efforts there. organizers say 61 people were arrested and given citations. they're all expected to be released today. activists have more events planned throughout the week as part a national movement to mark the eighth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of afghanistan. which is on wednesday. the united nations is temporarily closing its offices in pakistan because of a deadly suicide bombing there. work for the world food program were killed. the suicide bomber entered the heavily guarded building that house the food program and blew himself up in the lobby. a television network in pakistan is airing closed-circuit footage of the bomber entering the building. the man c be seen briefly in the red circle. witnesses say he was disguised as a paramilitary soldier. dozens of students in d.c. walked out of class today.
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>> education, not termination. >> education not termination. >> they were upset that more than 200 teachers were given pink slips on friday. school officials say the move was made to help close a more than $40 million budget gap. pat collins has more on this now from outside of the wson building now. pat? >> reporter: jim, teachers call to the principal's office. fired like that. escorted out of the building by cops. students, most upset. we begin our story now with some words from azeal wilson. she's a fired teacher. >> had the police officer escort me to my office. the police never escorted me anywhere in my life. >> reporter: how many years you have worked with the d.c. public schools. >> over 30 years. >> reporter: any blemishes on your record? >> no, none. >> reporter: what has this done to you. >> it has destroyed plea. you don't have the right to
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treat me like this or anyone else like this way. >> reporter: it was part pep rally, part march, part protest, a civics lesson that brought them face to face with some of the city's top leaders. scores of spared students from mckinley tech high school out to be heard today upset because some their teachers had been fired. >> i don't have a plan "b." i had no idea they wouldn't vey job today. i'm a single mother with twins. and this is unbelievable to me. >> severance pay. that's not enough when you don't have a job and you're somebody like me you have three kids to support on your own. i mean it's nothing. you're not giving me anything. >> reporter: and what has this done to the students? >> about 50 kids in one class. first it was 29 and now 50. that's to many kids. >> i was taking french. i'm in french three, i'm going to french three to spanish one.
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>> reporter: because your french teacher was fired? >> yes. >> reporter: have you ever taken spanish? >> no. >> reporter: do you want to take spanish? >> no radio and you want to take french? >> yes. >> reporter: where is your teacher? >> i don't know where she is. >> reporter: this began a protest in front school headquarters. then a march to the wilson building where the students met with a number of councilmembers. >> have lied to you. have lied to you. >> say it again. >> have lied to you and i don't like liars. >> reporter: now the school administration says that students aren't being switched to different courses, but some students and some teachers tell us, that's exactly what's happening in some high schools. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. breaking news out of fairfax count, where a woman says she was abducted from the herndon monroe parking lot this
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afternoon. was taken to a homeless camp on west glade court in reston. fairfax county police are investigating the incident as an abduction and sexual assault. officers now on the lookout of a man fleeing the area on a bicycle. police in rockville have arrested a physical therapist who's accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his office. 31-year-old arnie reyes works at physical therapnerockville. police say he had inappropriate physical contact with the patient last month. police say reyes has been placed on administrative leave. today marked the first day of a new term for the u.s. supreme court and the newest justice wasted little time in letting her voice be heard. justice sonia sotomayor jumped in early and often even jockeying for position with the more senior members of the court today. the high court is digging into the question of how long a suspect's request for a lawyer should be considered valid by police and the courts. the court's new term also starts
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the first monday in october so sotomayor took part in her first argument a month ago in the campaign finance case that's yet to be decided. president obama made it clear today that health care reform remains a top priority. this morning he welcomed 150 doctors from all 50 states to the white house rose garden. mr. obama's hoping to gain strong support for his health care overhaul from the medical community and the nation. >> not devote your lives to being paper pushers. you took an oath so that you could heal people. you did it so you could save lives. the reforms were proposing to our health care system will help you live up to that oath. >> the senate finance committee is expected to clear its health care bill this week. >> the first doses of the swine flu vaccine went out to health care workers today in a couple of different states. the vaccine should be widely available by mid-october. tracie potts has our report.
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>> reporter: health care workers in indiana and tennessee got the first doses of the new swine flu vaccine today. the seasonal vaccine for regular flu is already out there. two different flu vaccines and a shot or a spray. that's got some people confused. >> i'm confused about how many shots they need and whether it' two or three. >> reporter: here's the deal, if you're a healthy adult over 25, get your regular flu shot, but don't rush to get the swine flu vaccine. high-risk adults and children need both. >> these are two different viruses that could be circulating together throughout the community so if you're protected against one, you would not be protected against the other. >> reporter: if you're a health care worker, if you're under 24 years old or if your child is under 6 months old you are at risk. get both vaccines right away. pregnant women and chronically ill adults are at risk too but they cannot get the spray. they have to get the shot. for kids it's more complicated.
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babies under 6 months old cannot get any vaccine at all. children over 10 only need one dose of the swine flu vaccine and one dose of the regular vaccine. for children under 10, it's trickier. they need two doses of the swine flu vaccine, but don't forget, they also need the regular flu vaccine. one dose if they've had it better. two doses if they haven't and two doses if they missed the second dose last year. and remember all that is in addition to the two swine flu vaccines. now if you need two doses of either vaccine they have to be 21 days apart. so, parents, you may need to pull out a calendar to keep it all straight. i'm tracie potts, news4. >> the virginia department health says the first doses of swine flu vaccine might arrive by tomorrow. but they won't be available to the general public until the end of this week at the emiest. coming up on news4 at 6:00 the man who worked with
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authorities and pretended to accept bribes to stop a taxi cab corruption team talks to news4's tom sherwood. says stealing stuff from open houses across the d.c. area. one man was led away this handcuffs after a college campus was put on lockdown today. more than150 people killed because of flooding in indiana. >> doreen, our dry weather continues and another sparkling night. a few change ahead. lindsay what do you got? >> reporter: bob, the nationals' future, stephen strav ord takes the found in his first game and alex ovechkin and the capitals starting out this season red hot and the redskins, clinton portis says his team has something to be p
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the chairman of the d.c. taxi cab commission, he was offered hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes over the last few years, in fact, he pretended to take the money. but tonight swain's talking for the first time about why he worked undercover for two years to break up a taxi bribery scheme. tom sherwood has our report. tom? >> reporter: jim, it was dangerous work. legally he can't talk about the details yet but he can talk about why he did what he did. >> reporter: with a little last-minute guide france d.c. attorney general peter nichols, chairman leon swain spoke for the first time publicly about
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the city taxi cab bribery scdal that has erupted in washington. >> this is a cash market. >> reporter: nichols called swain a hero, the opposite of the tax employees who cost the city $50 million in that scam. >> this city lost $50 million and lost it because no one stood up for the city. no one stood up for what was right and he is a stand-up guy and a hero because when he heard about things that didn't sound right to him, he didn't go about his day-to-day business. >> reporter: for two years swain acted undercover with prosecutors and police pretending to take hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribe for licenses and, taxi favors, dozens of drivers and one city official have been charged. the handsome bribes came almost immediately upon swain's taking the job two years ago. >> i don't know i guess they look at me and figured he's from ward 8, something like that?
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maybe he will, maybe he won't. but the thing about it is that my mother didn't raise me that way. >> reporter: swain helped fency put a meter system. swain shook his head at being called a hero. he says he's just a good man from the poor ward 8 who stood up to corruption when he saw it. >> i have been in ward 8 since i was 16 years old. i'm 57 now. i'm a former asc commissioner. i sit on a couple of different boards, group of seven and eight. i attend my church, gallo lay baptist churchish am in the choir or in the choir until this started. i had to slow down on that. >> reporter: when he took the cab job, swain said he told cabbies, don't bring me any money, liquor, women or tickets. some them didn't listen. doreen, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you, tom. an encouraging sign for our economy today. the u.s. service sector grew in september for the first time in
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13 months. that increase seemed to give investors on wall street a bit of a boost. solid gains. the dow is up, 112 points. the nasdaq gained 20 points. and the new york stock exchange closed 120 points higher. some frightening moments at university of south florida today. that campus in fact was put on a lockdown. after somebody reported a person with a bomb and a gun near the school library. one person was taken into custody. he's being interviewed by the police. he was found on the campus bus. the tampa police bomb squad was called in to investigate that person's belongings. it's not clear whether that person that's in custody was connected to the original report. several other people are being questioned possibly as witnesses. the university posted an alert on its website this afternoon telling people on campous and stay inside and lock their doors. in southern california, firefighters say they're making significant progress battling
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another wildfire. this fire broke out saturday in san bernardino county. it has scorched at least 7,500 acres and destroyed three homes. as of this morning the blaze was 20% contained. firefighters say mild winds and low temperatures are working in their favor. investigators are still trying to figure out just how this fire got started. more than two people -- 200 people were killed and millions more displaced after torrential ras fell over the weekend in india. the flooding left entire villages under water. emergency responders are using boats and helicopters in an effort to rescue people. officials say they expect the death toll to rise as the disease spreads in the overcrowded leaf shelters. a hotel surveillance video camera shows the first moments of a terrible earthquake that rocked indonesia last wednesday. the hotel was in padang the capital of west sumatra province. this footage shows people
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running for the exits as doob ris falls from the ceiling. it happened in several locations in the hotel. eventually that hotel was destroyed. authorities say there were 200 people in the hotel when it collapsed. rescue teams found no survivors. today the search for survivors was called off across the earthquake zone. authorities say they're now focused on preventing outbreaks of disease. the united nations officials say at least 1,100 people were killed in the quake. in samoa people are still taking stock of the damage caused by the tsunami there last tuesday. at least 1707 people were killed when an underwater earthquake triggered the tsunami. most of the victims were from samoa but 32 people were killed in arica samoa, a territory of the u.s. nine were killed in their nearby tunga. authorities say the death toll would had bn worse if not for the quick action of the staff in a resort in the samoa.
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those workers noticed that the ocean was receding after the earthquake. so they immediately began dragging tourists out of their beach huts and up a nearby hill. within minutes that resort was washed away. police are looking for the person who cut brake lines on school busses in maryland. >> a man crashed into an apartment today. biehl hear from the man who was inside of that place. and bob will have a look at our weather forecast. stay with get online payroll and put hours back in your day suntrust. live solid. bank solid.
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with online cash manager, you can do it all. suntrust. live solid. bank solid.
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over in singapore today, more than 3,000 people took a walk across hot coals during a festival over there. we do not have information in terms of why in the world they do this. the festival marks the completion of ten days of hindu religious ceremonies. some folks did walk. many of them ran. everybody seemed to be very happy to get to the other side as you might imagine. >> yeah, i would move pretty quickly. >> a couple of guys, why am i doing this, about halfway across. no hot coals here. >> spectacular weather this weekend. >> one of our prettier weekends and again today 100% sunshine. early today our own got great shot of pumpkins this time. year and the mums are out and beautiful, beautiful weather and
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again today we've got that harvest moon rising out there. that's the great mum, i guess, right alongside the great pumpkin. high temperature today we made it up to 71 degrees. our avage high . just about an average today. outside right now our current temperature as we're beginning to see that sun just about setting a few minutes from now it's still mighty comfortable. 69 degrees. even the pollen this year hasn't been too bad. dew point is 40. the temperatures right now around the east. we're at 69. 50 degrees up to our north. sort of the signs of the approaching season. a lot of color. i will show you a picture. a lot of color out in the high spots. west virginia pretty uniform temperatures all over because to our south, while we've had all of the sunshine, it's been cloudy with some rain. a little area of low pressure to our uth. there's another one to the north and both of these moving away from us so we're sort of in between. greenville, south carolina, yesterday, had over two inches
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of rain. the areas that are getting some rain. down into savannah and jacksonville and meanwhile up to the north, western parts of maine, where some beautiful color, they're getting a few rain showers. you can get an idea of the circulation out there, out near fargo it's raining. but on the west side, that is snow. matter of fact, not only some snow, land of wyoming, 17 inches of snow, yesterday. not much going on. take you around the world, a new tropical storm that formed over the weekend in the north atlantic and it was very strange. it has a closed circulation but hardly the -- it's 400 miles south of cork ireland. winds 60 miles an hour. tropical storm grace, which will become just a nasty, north atlantic storm. there's the area of cloudiness over us in that area of storminess out into parts of northern montana. in is a great picture around the world of all of the weather systems from the folks of the
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university of wisconsin. look at that. see that eye. have winds up to 200 miles an hour. a picture earlier today. it's going to brush the island of sapon and unfortunately decrease in intensity but it could bring rains to parts of japan and while it's clearer around us the other spot that has been getting some unusual weather is the north island of new zealand. the same part of the same strange weather around the world. here they're heading towards springtime in the southern hemisphere and this is near napier, new zealand, where they had a blizzard. some folks were stranded. some wild weather but not here, other parts of the world. going on for us, area of storminess way out to the west will be moving through the lakes and as it does so by the time we get into tomorrow night and early wednesday trailing cold front may give us a chance of a few showers but overall in a dry pattern but in any event once it
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moves by boy bosome strong winds. temperatures once again mighty fine. beautiful, beautiful evening. moon up after 7:00. only a couple of days old with that great harvest moon. tomorrow when you get up and head out temperatures once again will be into the 40s a lot of spots. low 40s. a frost advisory out for the high spots over west virginia, in and around town, 49 to maybe 50 degrees. right here in washington we've yet to officially get below 50 degrees and then a lot of sunshine tomorrow. increasing clouds during t afternoon and then that chance of a few light showers, very late tomorrow night, early on wednesday. after that a rather blustery to windy wednesday afternoon. thursday and friday look great with a lot of sunshine and maybe a chance of a few more showers saturday. right now it does not look like anything big and starting out another nice day tomorrow. >> all right. >> a little on the chilly side. >> thank you, bob. coming up tonight police say two guys posing as father and son were stealing from open houses across the d.c. area
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stereo we'll hear from a guy who -- from a man who had a van come crashing into his apartment today. more than a dozen school busses in maryland, the brake lines were cut. won the 2009 nobel prize. >> reporter: the capitals trying to ride their offensive momentum and also nationals stephen strass burg makes his much-hype professional debut.
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a look at some of the stories making headlines
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tonight. president obama's weighing whether to send an additional 40,000 troops to afghanistan. he met with general stanley mcchrystal who has been calling for an increase. eight u.s. soldiers were killed in a firefight over the week. dozens of d.c. students were protesting today. recent taving cuts. on friday more than 200 teachers were given pink slips. school officials say the layoffs were part of an effort to close a more than $40 million budget gap. health care workers in tennessee and indiana were first if line today to get the first doses of swine flu vaccine in the u.s. they're included in the high-risk group, getting priority access to the vaccine this week. about 40 million doses are expected to be mored byly available by the middle of this month. coming up in this half hour of news4 at 6:00, more than a dozen school busses in maryland had their brake lines cut. we'll hear from a maryland woman who was awarded the 2009 nobel prize for medicine and a new
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study shows more children may have autism than previously thought. police say they'd broken up a regional home burglary operation that targeted homes for sale in maryland and virginia. two men are accused of posing as father and son while stealing from open houses on the market. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: police say the open house sign was an open invitation to thieves. who posed as father and son and stole tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry and cash from houses on the market for sale in alexandria, fairfax, montgomery county and baltimore, maryland, where just last weekend police arrested 51-year-old john palmer jr. of glen burnie period maryland and 22-year-old samuel goldstein of maryland. going on since may but just two weeks ago at an open house in alexandria, virginia, realtor mary got suspicious. >> they had purposely put me in a position where one of them could go upstairs and look for jewelry. my homeowner couple of hours
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later found something missing, spent a lot of time looking and the next morning it was still gone and i said call the police right away. >> reporter: the homeowner reported the theft to police who asked the northern virginia association of realtors to post a description on its website alerting its members. >> not only do we have it on our website and also put it our our multiple listing service so any realtor looking for properties on the ml a warn was there. >> reporter: were ready at an open house last week when the phony father and son team showed up. >> something was suspicious and it didn't ring right and i remember the alert we'd had so i came back and took out my pen and piece of paper and wrote down the license tag number. the older fellow if the house came outside and said, "is there a problem?" no, i said, i was just looking at morris' car. >> the suspect's license plate number and as soon as i ran the
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license plate number we had one suspect and very quickly we were ableo determine the other. >> reporter: the two suspects are being held in custody. some of the victims came to meet with alexandria police detectives to identify their stolen jewelry which they will get back entually, but for now it has to be held as evidence in the cases against the suspects. chris gordon, news4 in alexandria, virginia. homeowners who suspect their property has been stolen during an open house are asked to call the alexandria police department. a man's arrested on charges he abused young girls ten years ago in fairfax counter. police say the victims were taking piano lessons from the suspect's wife at the time of the alleged abuse. 71-year-old george copping lives in australia, but police arrested him in los angeles recently. his arrest comes after a 17-year-old girl came forward earlier this year and said she was abused when she was 7. police say they then found a
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19-year-old girl whoallies she was also abused here when she was younger. somebody cut the brake lines on more than a dozen school busses in ana runnel county. at a bus lot on odonton road in odonton, maryland. the fuel lines were also damaged. caused more than a dozen schools to be late this morning. took alternate buses home. a man in atlanta was getting ready to start his day when a minivan suddenly came crashing into his bedroom. it happened at an apartment off of goodluck tlood morning. police stai appears that this was the outcome of a driving lesson that went horribly wrong. the man who was at the apartment woke up about ten minutes before this happened and was sitting in a bedroom chair when the minivan came crashing in. the front of the vehicle landed on the bed. just a few feet away from him. >> when he came through, it was a big bang.
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and hit the floor. and when i looked back up it was a vehicle sitting. it's not my time because it could had been at that point. so i'm blessed. >> he is. police say the driver of the minivan didn't have a license. he was getting a driving lesson from the male passenger. both of them are now facing reckless endangerment charges. metro officials say fewer people are riding the rails after a deadly crash on the red line back in june. metro's reporting about 3% fewer people are riding buses and trains. that's leading to a budget shortfall of more than $8 million. metro believes the drop in ridership is because of the economy. lower gas prices and the d.c. jobless rate. but the transit agency is also reporting a huge jump of more than 9% of people who use the red line. metro officials say june's red line -- the drop in numbers on the red line in june might be -- i'm sorry, metro officials are saying that the crash that happened on the red line in june
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might be to the blame on the job numbers on that line. is accusing virginia of being too slow to spend the state share of stimulus money for transportation. the criticism is aimed at governor tim kaine into have been repercussions on the governor's race. >> reporter: northern virginia's congested roads and what to do about them has been a ctral issue in the governor's race. now the campaign of republican bob mcdonnell has found an ally. the transportation chairman just sent this scathing letter to governor tim kaine pointing out that virginia is dead last among all states in using its transportation stimulus funds. at the end of august just 17% of the money had been committed. virginia has fallen far behind other states and putting to work its recovery act highway formula funds. i strongly urge you to refocus your efforts. now, bob mcdonnell is redirecting the criticism at has
6:37 pm
democratic opponent creigh deeds. mcdonnell says a governor deeds would mean inaction on transportation. in arlington, deeds defended kaine's allocating the transportation money. seeming public input before deciding where to turn the skirt. >> here's the problem, it points out that the weakness in our transportation system. we didn't have the ongoing projects that we could just pour the money into. we there to analyze all of our entire system and our entire project to see where we could get the money to work as quickly as possible. the governor's doing the best he can to get the money out as quickly as he can. >> reporter: governor kaine's also respond went a lert explaining that now is overdated and that virginia has funded far more projects. joined republicans who say the overstar lert hurts both governor kaine and the democrat who wants to replace him, creigh deeds. >> it's not good for him because if he says he wants to be like the existing group the existing group hasn't done very good. >> reporter: now senator mark warner says what matters is not
6:38 pm
statistics now but the results of well-spent funds. >> we've got 93% of the projects actually allocated now and those dollar, getting out to people who are being hired. i think long term that's going to be better for the economy. >> reporter: just the latest sign that the mcdonnell campaign hopes to keep the focus squarely on transportation. the latest ad which debuted during the highly watched redskins game. julie carey, news4. >> the last day for people in virginia to register the vote. the deadline was 5:00 p.m. election day on november 3rd, when virginia voters will decide the next governor, lieutenant governor, and all of the delegate seats. coming up tonight we'll tell you about three americans who've been awarded the 2009 nobel prize. one of them works at the university of maryland. there's a new study out this evening suggests the number of children with autism is greater than previously thought. and we'll report on some
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letters written by vincent van
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good evening. bob ryan storm center4. another nice october evening. look at our temperatures right now 69 here. 60s to our south. that's area that has been cloudy with some rain showers and clouds to our north but in the middle we've got that full harvest moon coming up in just about a half hour. look for it. our old friend, look at the color along the mountains there and also some geese. they may be heading south.
6:42 pm
tomorrow morning temperatures will be into the 40s. the low 40s for folks heading outs to work and heading to school. could be some early morning showers on wednesday and then quite windy after that. another weekend looks sort of 50/50. back to you. >> thank you, bob. coming up tonight at 11:00 a tragic accident that nearly ended the life of one d.c. motorcycle officer. -- >> n his seven years as a motorcycle cop in the district officer richard carter earned a reputation for being tough on traffic violators but last march his career came to a screeching halt. >> the front of a vehicle appeared in front of me on my side of the roadway and i thought that something was wrong, am i wrong, or something. >> reporter: carter wasn't wrong, while on a routine assignment escorting the british prime minister through a district a car on the vgt side of the road had crossed the double yellow loin and it hit him, almost head-on. >> i heard him say, notify the helicopter. i knew i was pretty banged up. >> fractured the thigh bone, leg
6:43 pm
bone in two different places in the tibia, and he also had breaks in his forearm bones and on one side and his wrist bone. >> hm, one police officer's remarkable road to recovery tonight on news4 at 11:00. we'lhave his story. a professor at johns hopkins university school of medicine in baltimore is among this year's nobel prize recipients in medicine. name is carol greider. she shares the honor with two other americans. they received the nobel prize for discovering a key mechanism in the genetic opetions of cells. their findings are expected to help with cancer research. >> i really wanted to say that this -- i think what happened today is really a tribute to curiosity driven basic science. >> the two other recipients include elizabeth blackburn of the university of california san francisco and jack szostak.
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>> reporter: a lot of talk about the defense today because the defense provided a much-needed spark for this team. also, the capitals try to keep their early momenm going and the nationals' prospect stephen strasbourg with his pro debut.
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call it ugly, call it whatever you want, a win win, that's right. 2-2. what's up with that do you agree? >> reporter: i agree. a win a win.
6:47 pm
happier being 2-2 than the other alternative and the redskins do have injury news. the punter had an mri so the results came back. jim zorn says they were decent but they are going to bring in some other punters and work them out tomorrow to see what they need to do against this game against the panthers. >> bring in four guys tomorrow and he said it is possible they could have two punters on the roster because if hunter smith cannot play they still want him to hold. that what means is somebody would have to be cut. now the big question mark. the team that is still trying to find their groove. if they can build on that momentum from the second half they'll number good shape. >> this entire team felt like we don't know what is going to happen. this game could go either way. they're really prideful for the way they're able to turn it out in the second half. back out on the field and jason campbell was the biggest improvement you would have to say on the day. booed coming off of the field at half. he said he felt like his job wa.
6:48 pm
he may say this is the game where they saw him grow as a leader. came back orchestrating two touchdown drives to put the team in action. 59-yarder to santana moss. then clinton portis obviously did his part too. rushed for 98 yards. you could say hisest performance of the season and he hadn't even practiced all week. you get the feeling he knew he had to pick up the slack. the team knew they had to have an answer. >> i think he was just happy to get this win. you know, just divert some of that negative attention that we'd been getting and jim being out of here, you know, let's get him out of here, he can't win a game and i think today he called a great game. i think we got booed after some play-calling, but yet still i think as a team, we stuck with it and found a way to win stereo the best thing about our football team is nobody packed it in. i mean that was truly a sign of some strength within our football team. character within our football
6:49 pm
team. and they did a very nice job adjusting, coming back out and playing -- continue to play hard. our defense kept us in the game. i can say that easily. we did a nice job against a qb that was having his debut, ended up winning the game. >> you heard jim zorn say it the star of this game yesterday, redskins' defense. >> yeah and the key stat of the defense third down. getah of the field on third down and finally did that. after an impassioned plea from defensive coordinator greg blache and london fletchtherkey made key stops when needed to and if you had to pick out one play that might be the turning point in the entire season, it could be this one. deangelo hall's interception. hall was actual flee man covege, not only made a great play on the ball but also had a nice return to set up a field goal. and really give the redskins the spark they needed. in terms of points per game right now the redskins' "d" tied for fourth in the nfl giving up
6:50 pm
15.5 points per game. >> well, this is how defense is supposed to be. third down, get off of the field. give offense another chance. yeah, this is how we should be. this is howby should always be and as long as we can continue to do this we can win some games. >> what we want to get back to, to that legacy when we are talking about the redskins of old. where it's a great tradition where, you know, winning football, tough, physical football and that's what we're trying to get back to where when you put the helmet on it means something and that's what we want to do that and when you dom fedexfield we want you to know. >> be aggressive in zones, be aggressive in man. make plays instead of giving up plays. it's not third and ten, oh, gees, don't give up this first down. they have to go ten yards on one play, we're going to make the play. >> that's redskins' safety reid dowdy who had nine tackles in the last game. playing really well right now. and when you think about
6:51 pm
defense, you can think about capitals, because they have a defenseman who is on the sideline at the game yesterday. alex ovechkin nick backstrom are having a good time. >> kicked field goals before the game and i heard ovechkin the best, go figure. the capitals have amazing firepower. scored ten goals with only two games under their belt. play up in philadelphia tomorrow but these guys say they're going to ride that momentum. brooks lichtis one of the players who has goals in these past two. he said a lot has do with the chemistry that this team is feeling and mike knuble and morrison. stay terrific on the power play and as forrooke licht's success. >> i'm lucky, no, getting breaks and hanging around the net and also the guys are playing in
6:52 pm
sync. very easy hockey players to play with. still might be new but you know they read plays very well and they talk a lot on the ice and make my life easy. >> it's a big boost butby have 80 more games so things go up and down and right now we're going up but two years -- three years ago we started 3-0 and it was a rough time after that so we gaent ahead of ourselves at the least and we have really good teams coming up to play. >> chris clark and the capitals will play up at philadelphia tomorrow. going to be a tough game. mike knuble going to play his former team for the first tile. nationals got a good look at their star pitcher of the future, stephen strasburg. pitched two innings and struck out two batters. down to the -- strasburg pitched for the first time since signing his record $15 million deal. struck out two batters and including the very first one he'd faced.
6:53 pm
allowed one run on three hits. 19 of them strikes. he said he didn't put expectations on himself but added that he's going to crank it up a bit next time and expected to pitch on saturday to the arizona fall league. >> they were cutting in on sportscenter today where strasburg made their first pitching appearance. i guess baseball has arrived in washington. >> yeah and the redskins hope to build on this momentum. >> got to love this time of the year. thanks, folks. coming up on our broadcast, tell you about new research indicating vincent van gogh was far more rational than and that people believe.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
a new study indicates that more children have autism than previously thought. the study is published in the current issue of "pediatrics." it found that 1% of the population has been dig nosed with some form of autism. leeann greg has details. >> reporter: carlahend ricks learned her 13-year-old son keith had autism when he was a toddler. >> keith is not very verbal so it was difficult for me when he was younger because he would throw a lot of tantrums and i couldn't understand what was wrong. >> reporter: according to a new study 1 in every 91 children in the u.s. has been diagnosed with some form of autism, higher than the previous estimate of 1 in 150 children. >> we're not surprised by this.
6:56 pm
we've been tracking this nationally through state agencies and school districts and their numbers are falling in line with what the study is showing. >> reporter: better diagnoses and awareness may account for part of the increase but some point to other factors. >> we've been subjected to numerous chemicals and neurotoxins over the last century. >> reporter: the study is based on surveys of more than 78,000 of parents' children between the ages of 3 and 17 but since verbal interviews were used to gather the information some doctors are skeptical because of the accuracy. >> when we're dealing with parent report we don't know who actually gave the label and was it an accurate label? >> reporter: the study also found that 40% of children who had at one time been diagnosed with a form of autism no longer meet that criteria. >> children who lose the diagnose of autism typically will have some of their symptoms if you look carefully enough. >> he's very unpredictable. >> reporter: a puzzling disorder that, according to the study, is
6:57 pm
being diagnosed more often with more and more families looking for resources. leeann gregg, nbc news. >> this new survey indicated that boys are four times more likely than girls to have autistic characteristics. the sufb a also shows that white children are more likely to have autistic characteristics when compared to black or multiracial children. tonight at 11:00, swine flu vaccines are expected to start arriving in our area tomorrow. so what are health departments doing to prepare? prosecutors say sports reporter erin andrews wasn't only woman videotaped by man now facing stalking charges. now details about the case came out in court today. an a man survives a bunchee jumping accident hitting the water below at 80 miles an hour. we'll show you the incredible video at 11:00. there's a new set of books on vincent van gogh that allan chernoff -- off that offer the thought process behind it. it's a six-volume editi in
6:58 pm
amsterdam that's the result of 15 years of research. 900 letters written by and to van gogh and also sketches, paintings he was working on as well as illustrations of more than 2,000 artworks. museum officials say as you read the letters you can also see the world in van gogh's head and although the artist generally is thought of as emotionally tormented the lerts reveal his methodical discipline side. >> it appears that he's really a very rational man, not the man genius that we know but he was really very aware of what he was doing. he chose his aims and he tried to achieve them step by step. >> the letters also show the close relationship that van gogh personally perceived between reality, books and art. he asked in his words, don't you think it is as interesting and
6:59 pm
as difficult to say a thing well as to paint a thing? vincent van gogh committed suicide in 1890. he was only 37 years old. >> wow. that's our broadcast for now. "nightly news" up next. >> we hope that you will


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